Our Gardens

Our gardens are where the plants takes us …committed to find the finest, high quality, sustainable sourced natural raw materials. In support of our mission to respect Nature and You, we gathered the plants, from the wild, from synergic, organic and permaculture gardens. We believe in Biodiversity.

Our craft

When developing our creations, we take every step necessary to ensure each piece will be the best ever in our possibilities. Every artwork is measured and altered to perfection. Handmade with care, safety and Love …

with Nature’s Rhythm

Sustainable quantities, …We use the made-to-order method in our production process – orders come in and to ensure freshness, bringing the purest Nature into the blu bottle for You… respecting the season and place availability ….we will only create what is needed.

NATURAL Earth, Plants, Water, Sunshine, …goodness of Nature. Nurturing a holistic view of arts, sciences, humanity and healing. All creations are handmade with Love, the process of making is as important as the result and outcome itself. Based on long experience of traditional and modern use of arts & plants: The use of high quality raw materials: organic or wild crafted plants, enhanced by pure Essences and cold pressed Oils, creamy organic butters and waxes, emboding the perfect balance of botanicals synergy. Hand bottled in a bespoke understated Blu glass bottle designed to maintain the potency and longevity of the natural properties and preserving the biodynamic energy of the Plants. We always respect Nature and You.

MINDFULLNESS No pesticide, No chemical fertilizers, No animal tests, No cruelty, No major machinery, as it is not necessary…. We believe in promoting and growing organic methods such as Permaculture, Fukuoka and Synergyc Natural agriculture. Most things are handpicked from the wild taking care not to harvest too much. In the mountains in Valle di Meletao in the Natural Park of Monti Simbruini, in the fields of Frittole in Tuscany, by the Vulcan in Sicily, in the woods of Sweden, around the rice-fields of Bali and more… Also we believe in supporting communities and small realities to support themselves, promoting self-sustainability and empowerment by sharing and exchanging knowledge, tools and projects. We always respect Nature and You.

WITH QUALITY NOT QUANTITY We will follow the rhythm of Nature according to time, season and Nature’s generosity. Recycling waste materials is easy. We always respect Nature and You.

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Learn more about the Meletao projects on meletao.net.

Xilef Welner is the creator and founder of MeleTao, she is phytotherapist, doula, synergic gardener and artist/graphic designer. She designs and creates all the Meletao products. Most of the raw materials she grows and harvests herself, or collaborates, shares and exchanges with other small farmers that are earth loving. She studied and graduated at the University of Wales and East London. She has worked in hospitals and clinics around the world. She collaborates with Bumi Sehat in Indonesia and Il Nido birthcenter in Rome. She holds lectures, sessions and workshops worldwide. (see also meletao.net..)

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