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Nature is my Medicine

Meletao Festival 2020

Date: Friday 31 July – Tuesday 4 August 2020 Immersed in the green of Meletao Valley-y between the Appenine mountains and the river Simbrivio, in the natural park Parco dei Monti Simbruini, five days and full moon , surrounded by the healing power of Nature,... read more

Meletao Steam Inhalations

Not only is the steam inhalation made this way effective to clear the airways from catarrh in case of cough and flu, and to relieve sinusites using balsamic antiseptic herbs such as lavender, eucalyptus, thyme, rosemary. But it can also be used as a wonderful... read more

Mix Farine Senza Glutine

 Mix di Farine Senza glutine per dolci 7 dl farina di Riso 5 dl farina di grano Saraceno 2 dl farina di mais 2 dl farina di patate Miscelare le farine e utilizzare come farina nelle ricette di dolci. read more

Snoddas Svedesi

Senza glutine 2uova3 dl zucchero 150gr di burro 1 1/2dl di latte 4 1/2 dl mix farine senza glutine (vedere ricetta in altri post) 3 cucchiai di cacao 1 cucchiaio di zucchero vangliato o vanglia 1 cucchiaiono di lievito per dolci oppure 1/2 cucchiaio di bicarbonato... read more

Spring Herbal cleansing fast

Today it is my third day of my springtime herbal cleasing fast… I feel great! I use patience, my breathing and I drink a lot of… water, but also herbal teas.  Today I start my day with ginger (4-6 slices), 1 medium large fresh root of tumeric... read more

Hot chocolate with cinnamon and ginger

This morning I made myself a nice hot chocolate … I use the nice Bali raw chocolate powder (full of antioxidants) …like 3 spoons into heated organic milk (you can use coconut milk, very nice) then I spreankled some organic cinnamon powder (sugar balancing... read more

A Nice CUP of Tea

The reason Why I often prescribe herbal teas is that the time it takes to prepare a herbal tea is a therapeutic time to stop from the hectic life …a break for connection with oneself…with Nature ..Even if it takes only a few minute to make a herbal tea,... read more

Make Tea

Infusion 1 table spoon (2-3g) dried herb or 1-2 table spoon of fresh herb in 1 cup of hot water Place the herb in a strainer in the cup and pour the boiled hot water over the herb. Cover the cup with a lid for 5-10 min. before removing the herb strainer from the cup.... read more

Herbal Medicine

The main benefits of Herbalmedicine: Medicine available to everyone, grows around us for free: in parks, woods, gardens etc. It can be used to treat most diseases. It can be used long-term. It has very little or no side-effects. Eco-friendly. No harsh tests on animal.... read more
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