The reason Why I often prescribe herbal teas is that the time it takes to prepare a herbal tea is a therapeutic time to stop from the hectic life …a break for connection with oneself…with Nature ..Even if it takes only a few minute to make a herbal tea, those minutes are precious minutes…healing minutes.

Benefits of having herbal tea: 

The time it takes to prepare the tea is a pause …is a healing time.

Handling the herbs connects your mind even for a few minutes to Nature. 

You ‘ll have the benefit of the propieties  of the herbs drinking the tea but also inhaling the vapour from the tea …rich in e.g. essential oils.

It is an easy, pleasant and inexpensive way to restore balance and health.

Most herbs can be used  to make herbal teas also called infusion or tisane. Best herbs used are herbs containing water or heat soluble substances. You can make herbal teas from a single herb or just mix a few. 
A nice spring mix is:

2 parts nettle

1 part raspberry leaf

1 part mint

1 part dandelion leaf 

One spoon to a cup of hot water. Infuse for 5-15min. Strain and enjoy with a slice of lemon and honey.

Have a nice day!

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