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Balance Herbal Formula


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Product Description

The Meletao Balance Formula is a synergy mix of selected herbs traditionally used to Balance and support long time stress such as Withania, Glycyrhizza, Crataegus and more. The Meletao Balance Formula is made of hand picked wildcrafed herbs from beautiful organic fields and woods. The extraction is made naturally, slowly and no heat is used. This methods is used to preserv a high quality content of the active compounds. The Balance Formula is used to:

  • Balance mood and body.
  • Support and help the body to recover after longterm stress and disease.
  • Improve and support body and mind physical and mental performance.

(Please note: The information provided on this website and via other social media channels is for personal information and interest only. It is not intended to offer treatment for any condition.)

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Additional Information


50 ml


Recommend dosage: 10-20 drops in water 2 times a day
Do not exceed the dosage.


Seek professional medical advice if you are on other medications. Do not use in pregnancy.


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