Date: Friday 31 July – Tuesday 4 August 2020

Immersed in the green of Meletao Valley-y between the Appenine mountains and the river Simbrivio,
in the natural park Parco dei Monti Simbruini, five days and full moon , surrounded by the healing power of Nature, with music , dancing , performance, art, workshops, Permaculture,
Foraging, Health, Yoga and holistic practices .
Meletao Festival will be a place of Natural Confluence of people from around the world to share and exchange experiences and possibilities to live in harmony with ourselves and Nature .

ENTREATIES OF NATURE – Meletao Festival 2020

Come to me cries Nature a relentless invitation
Heed my entreaties, surrender to my peace.
Reunite with me, reconcile mind body and spirit,
Indulge in my power I will help you, heal.

Stroll over me inhale, the vital breath I provide
The myriad scents I exude, my enthralling perfumes.
Come acquaint yourself with my trees, touch me
My ferns, my poplars, my willows and maples,

Explore what I carefully conceal under the canopy,
A treasure my underwood, hollies, wild roses, snowdrops
Privets and dandelions, taste my flowers discover my recipes,
Caress me, pour onto me your seeds, your dreams,

Confide, I will turn your secrets into soothing beams,
Move over me be gentle, relearn to love me,
Bathe in my rivers, I will pacify your disenchantments
Quell your worries and fears as I sheathe

You in a vibrant sapphire blanket, to which
Your spirit will attune salute the star
That will warm you, dance on my prairies
Drawmy figure, your impressions of me,

And at night awe, afore the moon lighting the valley,
While seated with your novel friends around the fire
Lulled by howling wolves and hooting owls
You surrender to me and the regrounding effects
Of humbling conscious gratitude.

Poem by A. Kastanias

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