Not only is the steam inhalation made this way effective to clear the airways from catarrh in case of cough and flu, and to relieve sinusites using balsamic antiseptic herbs such as lavender, eucalyptus, thyme, rosemary. But it can also be used as a wonderful facecleanse, adding lemon or tea tree (for oily skin) or just rose petals together with lavender. The steam will help to open the pores, making it easy to bring out impurities from the skin and enhance circulation… perfect base to proceed with a face mask treatment…heaven for your skin ­čśë­čî▒

1 l of newly boiled hot water

5-8 drops pure essential oil or a mixture


1-3 spoons of herbs

Puor the water in a large bowl and the essentials and/or the dry or fresh herbs stir (brew for 5-15 mins if you use herbs).

Cover your head and bowl with a towel and inhale the steam with your eyes closed, stay until the steam cools.

Wipe gently the face with a clean towel. Keep yourself warm to adjust slowley to the room temperature.


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